WEBCounter by GOWEB <bgsound src="../sounds/soundshp/d-beauty_and_the_beast.mid" loop="-1">My Sleeping Beauty

It happened early in the morning,
A long fight's end.
Just a few friends were left,
holding each other's hand.

You leaned on me,
rested on my shoulder
I can still smell your hair
Will I remember you as I told you ?

When we spoke about hope,
about love, about your fears,
You were so strong,
even tried to wipe away my tears.

I put my hand on you,
calmed you down in your feverish dreams
you answered with a smile
Your last smile it seems.

You look so relaxed
Your eyes quiet and deep
Don't be afraid, my beauty,
Nobody will ever disturb your sleep !

Friedrich Bruckner © 1998
(personal comments appreciated)

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